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Ismael Devenes

Ismaël Devènes began his athletic career in 1997 when he was a junior mountain bike racer.  He continued racing mountain bikes until 2002.  During that time, he toured the circuits of the Swiss Cup and Swiss Championships in the discipline of Cross Country Cycling.

After a brief hiatus due to injuries, Ismaël became interested in a new sport called speed skiing.  It’s the fastest non motorized sport on earth.  In 2007, he became a member of the Swiss Speed Ski Team, and has toured in the FIS World Cup circuit.  Last winter, Ismaël achieved a 6th place ranking in the overall standings of the World Cup.  He recently accomplished a new personal best speed of 235 km/h!  

He has been working as an insurance broker at the same company for 16 years. His understanding employer allows him to train to achieve his skiing and cycling goals. Ismaël is a hard working and self-motivated individual who craves an exciting life style and competition.  

Cycling in RAAM has been a true testament to his athletic abilities. He is very proud to be a 2014 RAAM 4 man team finisher with a time of 6 days 14 hours, 53 minutes!  RAAM has become Ismael’s new passion and he is determined to improve on his 7th place finish.  He believes with the new team lineup, a podium is not out of question.