Gianni Prosperi

Introducing new member of Team Twisted Cycling, Italian Rider Giovanni Prosperi who lived most of his life in Italy in a little town of Sora located between Rome and Naples, close to the Appennini Mountains. He has recently moved to the United States.

Giovanni is an ultra-cyclist and a cycling coach living in the USA. He inspires many to commit to serious cycling, and to change their lifestyle to incorporate healthy habits with hopes that it will help them achieve their personal goals. His impressive achievements in Ultra cycling came over a relatively short time period and he is now dreaming big, hoping to take part and successfully complete Race Across America on a 2 person team this summer!

Giovanni’s story is an inspiration to all. It is never too late to give up a habit that drags you down, if you put your mindset towards it, surround yourself with a supportive community, pay attention to proper nutrition and training.

In October 2017 he completed his first Everesting competition and in January 2020 his last one, for a total of 7 — 5 in Italy, 1 in America and 1 virtual on Zwift. In April 2019, he was a finisher in Race Across Italy, the most important Italian ultra- cycling race. In June 2019 he was third in his classification in Romagna Ultra Race 300. In September 2019 he was a finisher in Silver State 508, in July 2020 he won his age category in Race Across Oregon and in August he won the overall supported solo category in Hoodoo 500, so he qualified for the third time for Race Across America. In September 2020, together with his team of Cleveland Blue Herons, he won the 4x mixed open relay in Silver State 508 and became a finisher of The Mountain West Ultra Cup.

Giovanni met his wife Dr. Katarina Greer through cycling and they married in the summer of 2019. Katarina is an important crew member, who helps out with proper nutrition. Her background as a gastroenterologist has been a great asset in management of any digestive problems that arise during endurance events.

Italian ultra cyclists Giuseppe De Giacomo and Valter di Cesare were great inspiration and help to Giovanni when he started racing in 2018. His American mentor, Cassie Schumacher, also a 2013 RAAM finisher, passes on her experience and knowledge regarding crew management and rider skills needed for continued success in races in the United States.​

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