Philippe May

Philippe May is one of the fastest men in the world on skis.  This accomplished speed skier from Valais, Switzerland is a 12 time Swiss Champion as well as FIS World Cup Champion and Pro World Champion in Speed Skiing, which is the fastest non motorized sport on earth.  Philippe is one of 5 men to ever ski over 250 km/h. 

In addition to speed skiing, Philippe cross trains with road cycling and mountain biking.  He enjoys endurance competitions and even placed in the top 10 in the Race Across Florida.  He has competed in other endurance events such as the Gran Fondo NY, Gran Fondo Alpine Loop, 24 Hours of Aspen, 24 Hours of Mont Tremblent and 24 Hours of Villars.  Philippe is not afraid of competition and pushing his body to its limits. 

His athletic achievements are a large portion of his life. Philippe is also the director of the Swiss Ski School of Verbier.  In his job he is in charge of 300 ski instructors and thousands of clients. Philippe is committed to an outdoor lifestyle and promoting sports with others. Competing in RAAM is a dream of Philippe’s that will mark another of his athletic achievements.

Unfortunately because of health reasons that we speak about on our charity page, Philippe was unable to compete in RAAM in 2014.  His US doctors were confident that he could return to cycling competition and compete in the 2015 edition.  They were correct and Philippe along with his team-mates took 3rd place in the mixed category.  Philippe is the only person with ARVD (a heart defect which causes sudden cardiac death), and a defibrillator to compete and complete the Race Across America.  

After several unsuccessful attempts at Race Across the West solo, Philippe finally finished RAW in 2019.  This is a testament to his determination, when he missed the mark, he tried and tried again until he was successful.  May is the first man with a cardiac defibrillator to compete and complete RAW. Place your bets on him finishing the 444,  2 man with cycling partner Mike Garcia in October of 2022.

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