Though he’d like you to believe he is just your average guy, Mike Garcia is a charismatic bike enthusiast who has recently discovered ultra cycling through an old family friend and her husband, Tracie and Philippe May. They reconnected about 2 years ago on the famous pages of facebook and realized they still have a lot in common sports wise.

Looking back at Mike’s personal history, it’s not hard to understand how he got where he is today. Mike was born in New Jersey in 1968, he was the son of a Cuban immigrant who came over to the US in 1962 as part of the famous Operation Peter Pan, in which over 14,000 unaccompanied Cuban minors were brought to the US between 1960 and 62. Garcia’s father Danny was a positive reflection of that program and became a successful businessman.

As a youngster, Mike became fascinated with cycling in his pre-teen years, getting his first job in a bike shop at 12 years old. By age 13, he completed his first century. Garcia always rode for “pleasure and camaraderie”. He continued riding through his high school and college years as cross training for skiing. Skiing is how he met Tracie May who was a few years younger on the Hunter Mountain Ski Team. They reconnected in Verbier Switzerland 20 years after their last ski blast together coaching kids on the

Hunter ski team. Mike became fast friends with Tracie’s husband, which was bound to happen considering their common interests in skiing and cycling.

Mike has completed the Gran Fondo New York from 2012 through 2016 inclusive. In addition, he has done several charity rides in the NY metro area. In the past, he has completed on average between 3,000 to 5,000 miles a year. 2019 is his best year to date, having ridden over 8,000 miles so far. Garcia is a bit nostalgic when it comes to cycling and still owns the first road bike he got at the bike shop he worked at in his early teens, that shows his dedication to the sport. This was meant to be, perhaps we’ll see that old bike at the finish line in Tenesee?

Mike has always had to work hard to find his place and make his way. He’s a man with grit as they say. With a degree in Business Administration, he started Alpine Marketing inc, concentrating in sales and marketing in the grocery industry. He is the proud father of 3 young adults Andrew 23, Matthew 21 and Natalia 17.

“Just” Mike believes your should “Do it before you don’t”. That was his answer to Philippe, when he was asked to join the 2 man 24 Hour Ultra Cycling World Championships Team. This dynamic duo are determined to get to the finish line together on their own wheels, from sea to shining sea.